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General information for the purchase of a property in France


After meeting with the realtor, the buyer candidate is offered a selection of properties in line with expectations. By visiting them, we specify the criteria for both parties, and find the properties that matches best. Some buyers change their mind and ongoing research as they get a more accurate picture of price and offers. The final decision often comes after a "coup de coeur".

All tours and visits are free and without obligation.


When the buyer has made a choice, an offer is made after negotiation. In cases where the seller agrees with the offer, the sale can be achieved.

The agency fee is included in the sale price. Minimum 4900 €, 9% till 70.000 €, 8% between 70.000€ and 100.000 € , 7% between  100.000 € and 150.000 €7, 6 %, between 150.000 € and 500.000 €, 5%, between 500.000 € and 1.000.000 €,  4% above 1.000.000 €.

Notary fees are calculated based on the purchase price, amounting currently to 7.6%, including registration fees and honoraries. 

Temporary act op purchase

So we proceed to the signing of a sub-signature, which is a temporary act of purchase in which are referenced all the information relating to the property: surfaces, cadastral parcelling, access rights, any borrowing for funding, final price, the date of the final act.

It is also reported the presence of lead, asbestos, termites ... The study of these elements is obliged by the law, and at the seller's costs. A report must be provided with the sale.

After signature under seal a 5% guarantee deposit is paid to the seller, who has the right to ask for more. This is usually done by transfer.

From the date of signature of the under-seal, there still has a seven-day thinking time, and one may even without giving reasons, cancel the contract by sending a registered letter to the address of the notary.

Final act

About three months after signing the sub-seal takes up the final act. Meanwhile the notary studied several points:

  • Wether or not is a current mortgage on the property
  • The potential railway projects or highways
  • The purchase of the common rights or farmer rights on lands

The time between the sub-seal and the final act may be revised upwards after agreement between seller and buyer.

In the final act, the balance of the sale is set to the notary, and the keys are handed over to the new owners, who can then make free use of their acquisition.

Follow up

Our agency deals with name changes for water and electricity meters, and on request, we also take care of insurance contracts. We can also direct you to find a trustworthy bank to have an account nearby, which is useful.

If any works are required, we have a strong network of trustworthy people that we can advise you.

You will probably have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we remain at your service.

What the customers write

Our special selection

Magnificent property
Saint Antoine de Ficalba, Lot-et-Garonne
€ 619.995
Village house with garden and pool
Pujols, Lot-et-Garonne
€ 492.600
Beautiful renovated house in Penne d´Agenais
Penne d'Agenais, Lot-et-Garonne
€ 528.000
Exceptional water mill in a pretty park, 7 ha of land
Lauzerte, Tarn-et-Garonne
€ 999.000